The Marans


Laura Jean


It’s true that The Marans is a restaurant paradox. It is only 650 sq ft. The kitchen has no commercial cooking equipment. And yet, on any given evening, a passerby can smell curry on the air, see the chandeliers glow on the sidewalk and hear the laughter and banter of the patrons inside. It is a small restaurant that has created a large presence.

Tucked in next to the historic Regent Theatre right in the heart of Picton, The Marans has felt at home as soon as the doors opened in March 2019. It is a restaurant that serves Internationally inspired dishes, prepared with local flare, using fresh local ingredients.

Surrounding the town of Picton lie the many vistas of Prince Edward County; scattered with farmers fields, breweries and wineries, all contained within the shores of Lake Ontario. The farmers have a connection with the vegetables they grow and the animals they raise and they all have a desire to share their experience and products with good people. The Marans takes these simple ingredients and transforms them into dishes that can make you feel cozy and at home, or whisk you away on a journey across an ocean.

The Marans concept could not be complete without all the local suppliers that fill the County; farmers, potters, carpenters, wineries and breweries. You will find a little piece of each one when you visit The Marans.

It is owned and operated by Chef Guerin Sykes. He can always be found behind the counter of the open kitchen ready to chat about his inspiration for the daily special, what’s new in the farmers’ fields or the latest news that has landed on the pages of the Picton Gazette. Chef Sykes’ passion for spices and International flavours has introduced many new dishes to the PEC community. His flare for using local ingredients as twists on classic plates sparks curiosity in his patrons and gives them the courage to try new items.

After being closed for the first three weeks of June 2020, we re-opened our doors to showcase how The Marans can adapt and embrace the challenges that this year has brought. We have expanded our kitchen to allow for our growing wholesale, bakery and take-out options.

Our dining room now features three individually enclosed booths allowing for a safe dine-in experience. We strongly recommend making reservations to ensure availability. If you would like to place a take-out order we also recommend pre-ordering your lunch or dinner to ensure we are able to accommodate your desired pick-up time. We also pride ourselves on being accommodating to any dietary restrictions and allergies, so please let us know at time of booking any special requirements you may need.

There is always something for everyone on The Marans menu, and as the menu changes often, locals and visitors alike can be sure they will always have something new to try.


Website: The Marans.