Carbon Art and Design


Pam Patterson.


I was given the opportunity to lease and develop a space in the heart of Picton; the steel warehouse behind the County Canteen. From the burnt out carcass of a former coffin manufactuary, I have designed a gallery space and public home for my design business Hri Creative Services.

Carbon Art and Design, given its name by the carbonized beams on which the building was rebuilt,  has risen in its new form as a gallery, design studio and low cost rental studio space.

I dedicate the peak season to commercial exhibitions of contemporary fine art with a commitment to both solo exhibitions and thematically curated group shows, and a  strong focus on both nationally and internationally recognized artists as well as local and regional artists from Prince Edward County, Ontario.

From February to May I open up the space to other curators, artists and musicians for the presentation of their work to our community at a low (or no cost) based on the merit/commercial viability of their proposals.

If you are an contemporary artist, curator or creative professional, get in touch, I’d love to hear about your ideas, your art, your design, your music.

Hri Neil


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