Nella Casson


Public Library.


Trash Pandas is an interactive work where the viewer is encouraged to add
to the piece. Words are powerful and as part of the systemic nature of
racism some our word choices can be tools that continue negative
stereotypes. This piece encourages the viewer to think about their words
and vocabulary and is a call to action to “trash” negative language that is
used out of habit or laziness. In the battle against systemic racism there
is always a better choice.


I am a multi-disciplinary artist who works in textiles, illustration, woodworking and mixed media sculpture. In recent years I have created numerous immersive installations exhibited in my rural community of Prince Edward County; interactive works that aim to surprise and delight viewers of all ages. My installations have been exhibited as part of the DiscARTed art show, The Firelight Lantern Festival, and at ICE BOX, a public art festival in Picton produced by the Department of Illumination.

The imagery I employ is often fanciful; I am drawn to themes found in pop culture, fast food, advertising, cartoons, and I have a recurring motif of human-like animals. My goal is to create work that will enlighten and entertain people through memorable interactions, and to give unexpected artistic experiences to my community.

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