Laura Jean


The Marans


i wanted to participate in this art show was because i remember my parents telling me as a kid that “history is written by the winners” … and after growing up a bit and getting some agency in what i learn and where i could learn from, i found this to be true.  history is very whitewashed.  there are difficult truths for “the winners” to digest and understand in canada’s history, but it is too harmful to continue ignoring.  my painting was about the CPR being stitched into the land, from coast to coast, and the human toll of the ideal of settler modernity.  as if we can look at the results today and think “this is good” … it is clear that there are changes that need to be made to ensure a better future, and i believe that includes really examining the choices that have been made in the past.  John A is not exempt from that.


Instagram: @oklaurajean

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