Kat Burns + Hri Neil, Past perfect? Present tense (2020).


Kat Burns + Hri Neil.


Gilbert & Lighthall Marketplace.


Light plays with shadow across the paper hands, creating apparitions of those we have lost. The text lists the names of over 130 residential schools that operated in Canada between 1834 and 1996; and segments of the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. ~ Kat Burns

Colonialism and police enforcement continue to be imposed by the Canadian government on First Nations peoples in Canada. John A. Macdonald’s legacy is alive and well in 2020. The video juxtaposes images of the residential school system and with police arresting First Nations protesters in Tyendinaga this Spring, who were acting in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders, who were fighting the pipeline project being forcibly located on their unceded territories in British Columbia. ~ Hri Neil


Facebook: Krashka Burns.

Website: Hri Creative Services.

Website: Carbon Art and Design.

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