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I have always been interested in the Land, the Conservation of it, and the Indigenous People that lived on it. I am led to believe that The People never considered the land theirs but used it in a caretaker manner. They did not take anything more from the land then they needed to survive and left nothing but their footprints.

Although that philosophy may be somewhat diluted over time the principle still remains and is more important now than ever.


Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Aidan has lived in Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario. He has been blessed to travel and paint all over Canada and much of the USA.

Completely intuitive, his work has been described as ”contemporary impressionism”. Working in oils, the paintings encompass a wide variety of landscapes and scenes from across Canada mainly in Provincial and National Parks and the sub-Arctic.

Aidan has work in collections in Canada, both private and corporate, and in the USA, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

He has designed and taught courses for adults, children and the handicapped. He is currently teaching a private course titled “Sketching: An Artist’s Resource for the Studio”. This course is designed to teach the basics of landscape composition; it is outdoor sketching for 2 to 4 participants.

Aidan was an active member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association and is currently a member of Prince Edward County Arts Council.



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